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Look To The Stars

Posted: December 10, 2010 by tubridysean in Celebrity, Charity
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Hey guys, are you curious to find out what charities and organizations your favorite celebrity is a part of?  This great site, is a very useful resource.  The site is about celebrities giving back to the world at both national and international levels.  The site has news, videos, interviews, and is very involved in social media, especially Twitter.  This site was very useful in our gathering of information for this blog and served as a great starting place for a lot of our research.

The site contains thousand of celebrity brief biographies and lists of the charities they are involved with or have been involved with at some time.  Interestingly enough, the site also provides a cloud of celebrities who are involved in the same charities.  The more charities the celebrities have in common, the bigger and bolder the other celebrity’s name will be in the cloud.

This site will be useful for people looking to get involved in charities in any way.  People can visit this website and find motivation and charity ideas from their favorite or most respected celebrities.

So what are you waiting for? Check out LookToTheStars now!