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November 12, 2010 is World Pneumonia Day. Kevin McKidd, a star of Grey’s Anatomy and celebrity spokesman for World Pneumonia Day, asks us to take action in his video clip. According to McKidd, Pneumonia is the NUMBER 1 killer of young children in developing countries.

I can see why McKidd was asked to be the spokesman for World Pneumonia Day. The way he stares into the camera makes me feel like he’s talking to me personally about something very serious.  McKidd’s eyes accompanied by his accent are very powerful tools used to deliver his message. I’m sure it helps that he is very attractive and plays a doctor on TV.

How can we help? gives us great ways we can help save a child’s life.

1) Buy a case of Syrah wine. For every Case of Syrah sold during the month of November, 12 participating Rhone Rangers wineries will donate $10 to the GAVI Alliance.

2) Send a message to your public officials. Ask that they help the cause and save the lives of children.

3) Spread the word. The more people know about this problem, the more that can help.

4) Donate. It only takes $10 to vaccinate a child against pneumonia. You can donate through the GAVI Alliance.

5) Wear blue on November 12th. Show your support for children around the world, fighting for their lives against pneumonia.