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Harrison Ford has been a supporter of Conservation International since 1991 (well before his most recent Indiana Jones film), a firm that provides funding for scientists in over 30 countries to help fight ecological issues plaguing the area. Since its start, Conservation International has helped donate over $100 million to those scientists that deal with tropical wilderness and marine areas. Ford has helped lead the charge by donating tons of money, time and land to these causes. Also, despite the fact he has never won an Oscar, he has received a multitude of awards (some even coming from our own U.S. House of Representatives) for his ecological efforts!


I feel like this type of involvement in international communications and issues is particularly useful. Raising support so that local scientists can perform the work themselves is great — its when celebrities don’t help solve the issue with the locals but rather impede or simply delay its negative effects that we have a problem. Celebrity support displayed in the media should always be about self efficacy for the nation or community they are helping.  Ford’s interest abroad and the awareness he has helped bring to the topic truly make the man who has done so much internationally in his acting career (Indiana Jones, again haha) a special celebrity.