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Colin Farrell to end World Hunger

Posted: December 7, 2010 by kmw5211 in Donations, Hunger
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This is exactly what I consider to be celebrity abuse of media and charities. As much as I appreciate Colin Farrell giving his voice to support ending world hunger, that is just not enough. If he was so dedicated to the cause of world hunger, his actions would’ve spoken louder than his words. Yes – he does lend his voice to the World Food Programme, but what else is he doing? Is he donating food or money to the WFP to encourage others to follow in his footsteps? No. He’s expecting his fans to do what he asks solely because he is the one asking. I do not appreciate that one bit.


Christina Aguilera: World Hunger Relief spokesperson

Christina Aguilera, a five-time Grammy Award winner, is using her celebrity status to raise awareness about world hunger.  After being announced as spokesperson for World Hunger Relief, Christina Aguilera released several PSA’s sponsored by Yum! Brands Foundation (includes Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC).  The public service announcements urged Americans to donate $5 to the World Food Programme, the largest humanitarian agency to fight hunger worldwide.  However, the donations are done using technology.  Americans can send a text message saying “FRIENDS” to number 90999 or donate online at The text message donation was popularized during the Haiti earthquakes.  In the past people would have to send money in the mail or call a number to donate.  Now, it is as easy as sending a text message.

The public service announcements includes Christina Aguilera playing an impromptu concert in front of a group of people.  Then a young girl walks over to the guitar case and donates money.  This commercial attempts to use social cognitive theory in order to get people to donate.  People will view the commercial and see a young girl give all the money she has to fight hunger.  Then they will think “If a young girl donates, then why shouldn’t I.”  I think it is a very effective commercial.

Ambassador for World Hunger Relief Christina Aguilera in Haiti

I think it is very good that somebody who has such a universal appeal as Christina Aguilera is the face of a good cause like World Hunger Relief.  I give her credit for actually visiting the starving children.  She works not only as a spokesperson, but also an ambassador.  It is kind of sad that people will be more likely to save a starving child if thereis a celebrity face endorsing the cause.  Amanda recently posted about Alicia Keys’ brilliant idea to boycott social media to raise money.  It is a sad state the world is in when people will donate money just to so their favorite celebrity will return to Twitter.

Christina Aguilera actually went to the highschool in the neighboring school district to my highschool.  It makes me proud that a girl from the suburbs of Pittsburgh can become so successful artistically and use her fame to help starving children go From Hunger To Hope.

The silver space jacket some may recognize from the 1984 film 2010: The Year We Make Contact was donated by its owner to Oxfam.

The Global Oxfam Ambassador and award winning actress Helen Mirren said that funds raised from the sale of what became an iconic article of clothing will go directly towards helping the 10 million hungered people throughout the West African countries, including Niger, Chad and Mali.

Oxfam has headquarters based in Boston as well as a Policy & Campaigns office in Washington, DC, and seven regional offices around the world. They work in more than 90 countries worldwide.

The Brussels, Belgium office in particular works to increase Oxfam’s influence on European Union policies. They work to try to coordinate Oxfam’s work with European Institutions and in European capitals. The staff ensures that EU officials, European politicians, developing country embassies, and journalists are up-to-date on the latest Oxfam analysis and policy proposals.

Oxfam uses its international offices to campaign and correspond with countries worldwide.

Christina Aguilera and Muhammad Ali ask for our help in the PSA for Haiti relief through the World Food Programme.  Although Ali doesn’t say anything, his presence and support for this cause says a lot. You can donate online at  According to the YouTube video posting, $5 can save 20 hungry children in Haiti.

Alton Brown is typically known for his role as a chef or food adviser on The Food Network, but recently he’s been helping out Heifer International.  Heifer International is an organization that gives animals to families in impoverished areas with hopes that the money the family can earn from the goat (or chicken, ox, cattle, etc) will be enough to raise the family out of poverty. It is hoped that the family will pass on the animals offspring to other families in the area that can raise the town to a new standard of living. This an a particularly effective means of helping the poor because it gives them the opportunity to sustain their new lifestyle, rather than giving them a finite level of support.

Alton Brown’s support of this initiative will hopefully help drive others to getting involved — ads just like this are currently being run on other web based media outlets where consumers can watch TV. Its as easy as a click away and can make a huge difference to a place in need!

Check out the link below to learn more about the success of the program.



Christina Aguilera visits Haiti as an Ambassador Against Hunger to help feed the children meals provided by the World Food Programme. Many celebrities give money to charity, but how many go and visit who they’re helping? Christina Aguilera stands strong in her fight against world hunger by giving a voice to the children in need.