Still “Dead”

Posted: December 4, 2010 by akl5086 in Africa, AIDs, Charity, Children

It has been four days since Alicia Keys’ digital death campaign for her charity Keep A Child Alive began. The campaign involved popular celebrities signing off their Facebook, Twitter and MySpace accounts until $1 million was raised to help those affected by AIDS in Africa and India. As of Friday evening, the campaign was shy of its total by $799,326. It has thus far generated an average of $66,891 per day.

So four days into the campaign celebs are still “dead.” However, this is not quite the case for all of them. Twitter updates about the campaign have been posted to celeb accounts including Keys, Swizz Beats, Khloe Kardashian, Jay Sean and Janelle Monae.

The campaign has been criticized for two reason. First, the minimum donation is $10, gossip columns have reported that fans would be more willing to give up the few dollars they spend on coffee rather than the $10 they could spend on the celebs’ new CD on iTunes, which I think is an excellent point. Asking for a minimum of $10 in this current economy is a bit much, people would be much more willing to donate a few dollars. The second reason for criticism stems  from the overall concept of the campaign, with celebs out of the social media game, awareness and reach of the campaign is limited. It was suggested that celebs should have “threatened” to die a digital death one by one until the $1 million was raised, this way they could continuously promote the campaign on their accounts.

I think the second point of criticism speaks highly of communication in current society. In cutting off their communications with fans and the world via their most valuable source of communication, they have limited their outreach. I think essentially people who follow these celebrities regularly have more than less become accustomed to the lack of constant updates rather than become more motivated to donate to get their beloved celebs back in the social networking circle.

At this rate, the campaign is said to last for 11 more days unless something drastic happens in which fans become more motivated to donate money.

Updates to come!

  1. Laura Shore says:

    I wonder if Alicia Keys was expecting this digital death campaign to take off or not. By using social media, was she truly targeting the correct audience who would give the most money? My take on this situation is that the age group that follows these celebrities either don’t have much money to spare or are completely apathetic to whether the celebrities come back at all. It’s a great idea in theory and at least it is helping, but it could be promoted better like this post states.

  2. ami5035 says:

    I follow a few celebrities on Twitter and saw a lot of this “digital death” campaign. I think its kind of ridiculous though that Lady Gaga was supposedly “dead” from Twitter, yet her publicist or someone was going on her account to constantly update and remind her followers that she wasn’t using Twitter until they donated. I can see how the campaign wanted to make an impact, but in this case it brought more attention to Lady Gaga/other celebrities than the actual purpose of the campaign.

  3. I agree that the concept was good at first. Celebrities going off the grid until they raised a certain amount of money, but having publicists spread the information is almost the same as still being in the spotlight. This campaign should’ve been more heavily promoted before it happened, so that when the celebrities went off the grid, people would REALLY notice. No correspondence should be allowed at all between celebrities and everyone else. No one should be updating us on their locations or activities.

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