Christina Aguilera: Fighter for an end to world hunger

Posted: December 2, 2010 by tubridysean in Charity, Hunger
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Christina Aguilera: World Hunger Relief spokesperson

Christina Aguilera, a five-time Grammy Award winner, is using her celebrity status to raise awareness about world hunger.  After being announced as spokesperson for World Hunger Relief, Christina Aguilera released several PSA’s sponsored by Yum! Brands Foundation (includes Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC).  The public service announcements urged Americans to donate $5 to the World Food Programme, the largest humanitarian agency to fight hunger worldwide.  However, the donations are done using technology.  Americans can send a text message saying “FRIENDS” to number 90999 or donate online at The text message donation was popularized during the Haiti earthquakes.  In the past people would have to send money in the mail or call a number to donate.  Now, it is as easy as sending a text message.

The public service announcements includes Christina Aguilera playing an impromptu concert in front of a group of people.  Then a young girl walks over to the guitar case and donates money.  This commercial attempts to use social cognitive theory in order to get people to donate.  People will view the commercial and see a young girl give all the money she has to fight hunger.  Then they will think “If a young girl donates, then why shouldn’t I.”  I think it is a very effective commercial.

Ambassador for World Hunger Relief Christina Aguilera in Haiti

I think it is very good that somebody who has such a universal appeal as Christina Aguilera is the face of a good cause like World Hunger Relief.  I give her credit for actually visiting the starving children.  She works not only as a spokesperson, but also an ambassador.  It is kind of sad that people will be more likely to save a starving child if thereis a celebrity face endorsing the cause.  Amanda recently posted about Alicia Keys’ brilliant idea to boycott social media to raise money.  It is a sad state the world is in when people will donate money just to so their favorite celebrity will return to Twitter.

Christina Aguilera actually went to the highschool in the neighboring school district to my highschool.  It makes me proud that a girl from the suburbs of Pittsburgh can become so successful artistically and use her fame to help starving children go From Hunger To Hope.

  1. Penny M. Smithson says:

    I think that you have some great views tubridysean. You are very insightful and I look forward to reading more about what you think in terms of celebrity involvement in certain philanthropic activities.

  2. Megan Leighann says:

    I think it’s awesome what Christina is doing. When most people hear the name Christina Aguilera the first image the pops into their head usually isn’t of starving children, but now I will associate her with being part of that solution. I never realized how much of an impact she was making all around the world and I hope more celebrities follow her lead.

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