Affleck Provides a Voice

Posted: November 18, 2010 by brfrese in Abuse, Africa, Children, Uncategorized, Violence, War
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This is a short clip from a video that represents and organization Affleck has been working with.

While Ben Affleck might be known in the U.S. as part of “Benifer,” or for his roles in movies such as “Pearl Harbor” and most recently “The Town,” he is making a splash in foreign nations as well. Only in Africa, and more specifically in Congo, he’s known for bringing a voice to the people, and working to support the UNHCR (UN Refuge Agency). He uses his celebrity status to bring awareness to individuals who go unheard — he interviews the locals and brings their stories to light domestically and abroad.  For example, check out this video where he interviewed a women who was both raped and burned, but was determined to share her story.

When you watch it, click to the time mark of 3:03 to get some background on the women he speaks to.

Affleck’s involvement isn’t just a gimmick — he doesn’t just throw money at the problem and leave. He is bringing a voice to the people who wouldn’t have one otherwise. His cause is admirable, and I hope he continues to bring awareness to a situation often uncovered in our media.


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